Friday, April 25, 2008

boyfriend issues

My husband left us and the church four years ago and since then I tried to bring my daughter up the same way I did before then, only it is just me living according to the church standards and her dad giving her the "real world" every second weekend.

This week, once again, she was very depressed that she can not have a boyfriend. She is 15 and everyone in her school and near environment seems to have a friend but she and she blames it on her upbringing. She says if she had not been raised a Mormon, she could go out there and have a boyfriend and would not thing so much about the things she shouldn't be doing. Just today she told me she really does not care so much about being a daughter of a heavenly father if that means she is alone, without someone to love.

Interestingly enough, the last two guys she had really liked turned out to be jerks, leaving her for other girls because she woulod not "move" fast enough for them. So in a way she is kind a glad that she did not do what they suggested or ddi not go as far as they would have liked her to - but still, she is hurting and wants a boyfriend!

I have no idea what to tell her. We have covered all the "standards", the teachings of the prophets, the scriptures and well, she is pretty much tired of it all and wants a boyfriend. What else is there for me to do? How can I make her understand that her value does not depend on whether or not she is having a boyfriend? How I can make her understand that waiting for the right one is worth it, especially after her dad left us and the words "eternal family" ring sour in her ears? I am really running out of ideas on what to tell her...