Sunday, August 06, 2006

Am I really a threat?

This week, on thursday, I had my 34th birthday. Not a very pleasant and a rather uneventful day it was, but well, that's life. Next day, I receive an e-mail from a guy friend, sort of apologizing for being a day late with his birthday wishes but asking me to understand that since he didn't want to upset his new girlfriend or causing reason for jelousy.
Hello? It's not like he attached 34 red roses or a dinner invitation to the e-mail, ok! And where is this thought coming from that all single and halfway attractive women are a threat to relationships? It's not like we single women meet and gather around a list of couples and vote for whom's relationship we are about to split up next!
Just because we are single and available, we are not about to destroy other relationships or marriages as well! Heck, most of us didn't even want to be single in the first place, it was brought upon us, like rain on a sunny summer morning - totally unexpected and literally out of the blue, ok?!
Just because I am all by myself now, it does not mean that I am going to lure away every handsome man I can find, including the ones already in a relationship! I am not like that!
All I want is to not be excluded from dinner invitations or game nights, from movie nights or bowling games with the guys! I don't want to be excluded on account of my single status - what's wrong with these people?
And it really, really hurts, when a former good friend sends you birthday greetings a day late and tells you it was because he didn't want to make his girlfriend jelous. It just plain hurts! Under these circumstanes, I'd rather have him forgetting my birthday alltogether and not bother to even e-mail or send a stupid hallmark e-card.