Sunday, March 25, 2007

long time no see...

Some German blog buddy requested that I continue writing in this blog..., heck, it's enough pain in the butt to continue the blog I have in German! Not that I mind writing in English, I actually prefere it over writing in German, but that alone would be worth a whole new entry!

What happend since we last saw each other? Well, let me tell you:

Trips to the US for x-mas: 1, with my daughter to Utah and it was awesome! She bought a whole bunch of clothes from Old Navy for $ 80 and two pairs of chucks for $ 70 - those are still way cheaper over there than they are here in Germany, can you believe it? The old saying is still true: wanna buy cheap sneakers and jeans, fly to the US!

Almost marriage proposals: 1, but no comment on that one, let's just say he wasn't my kind a guy!

Job offer: 1, in a bilingual kindergarten group, possible start in August, wish me luck, am invited for an interview in April!

Dreams with my ex in it: too many! Heck, you'd think I have gotten over him by now! After all, we are divorced for over a year now and separated for over three years! Girl, get a grib, get a life and as fast as possible: GET OVER HIM!!!

Blogs to keep up with: 2, and I even opend a "my space" webpage, which turned out to be a very, very bad idea! Need to cancell that one by the way, remind me to do that this week!

Months still to be spend in school: 3 and one week! I hope to find a job soon afterwards, need to make money and lots of it! Have big plans to be independent pretty soon!

Sleeping pills to get my tired and ready for bed: thank goodie only 2! Tried more one night but that kept me awake all night instead! Bad idea!

Years I am on sleeping pills now: 2 1/2, too many if you ask me, but hey, it beats staying awake all night and seeing big spiders crawling up my walls!

Current boyfriends: are you kidding me? None of course! I wouldn't even know what to do with him, am way too busy with my life as it is!

Well, I think that's about it for today! I will try to be a better blogger and keep you posted more frequently...

Oh, and resolutions for this year: None! I totally forgot to come up with some..., which is good 'cause if you don't make some you can't break them, right?


At Sunday, March 25, 2007 11:36:00 PM, Blogger Toronto21 said...

Yeah, it´s true with jeans and sneakers. But you can`t compare US prices with German prices because of the wages we get. My sister lives in Canada and for them a few things are indeed cheaper than in Germany, but a lot of things are pretty expensive. Did you know, that Germany has one of the lowest food prices compared to other countries in Europe?

And I whish you luck with the bilingual kindergarten. I wish I could use my English more often. Maybe I can now with this blog. ;)

I too have an myspace account and I love it. Why cancel it? I use it more to find new Jazz artists. You can find it under . I don`t have a lot of problems with spams ect. Sometimes young, cute women try to come in contact with me to offer me cheap sex on other websites but I refuse their offers. I prefer real sex.

And maybe I don`t have a lot of problems, because George Benson, The Black Eyed Pees ect. don`t need to spam me. They are just friends I listen to.

Keep up writing! Stefan

At Wednesday, September 12, 2007 12:48:00 PM, Blogger Nelle said... englisch writing is more than bad..deine deutsche seite kenne ich nicht. Freue mich aber diese gefunden zu haben...ganz viele Dinge sprechen mir aus dem Herzen...wollte ich dir gerne sagen...meine Situation ist der deinen sehr ähnlich..habe 2 Söhne 16 u 12 ...und so manchesmal noch ein wenig goes on...lieben gruß nelle


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