Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So many men, so hard to pick one...

Recently I talked to another ex-single female friend of mine, ex-single because she is having new boyfriends faster than I can say "Hi, I am Claudia". It scares me and sometimes I wonder: am I too slow in picking a new partner? Should I already have a new one? Maybe even be married by now?

But then again, I find it difficult to commit to a new relationship after just having been in one for such a long time. Maybe it is because I want one that lasts. As lonely as I am sometimes, I really don't want to jump from one relationship to the next, just because I can't stand the thought of being alone yet another week, month or even year. I want to make sure "he" is the right one before I say yes to him and a partnership.
Am I just too careful? Well, I don't think so. Call me picky, lol, if you must. Nah, not even that. Call me careful, yes I am, it is out in the open now. I am too afraid to say yes to a relationship, just to find out I have been too hasty and am now stuck with the totally wrong guy!
In a movie it once said "Better to be alone for the right reason, than to be with a guy for the wrong reason." - smart concept, if you ask me. But then again, no one ever asks me.

Somehow, my heart goes out to my friend, who finds it too hard to be alone and rather spends her time with Mr. Wrong than waiting for Mr. Right. She gets dissapointed over and over again and in that process starts thinking it must be her - when in reality it is just her lousy timing.
She can not bring it upon her to wait it out, to spend a few more lonely nights and then some - and maybe be rewarded with the right guy in the end.

But then again, what if there is no right guy? What if her way of dealing with it is in fact the right way? What if it is the right thing to be with a bunch of losers, if that leads you to the right guy in the end? Oh..., but what if you are with a loser and the right guy walks along but doesn't recognize you or even look at you because since you are in a relationship, you are out of the "game", not in his "league"? Oh my...

Ok, this is freaking me out! I shouldn't think about this subject too much, it is just making my head spin. But then again, doing it her way, she gets love, attention, sex, a warm body to cling to, someone who is there for her when she is sick, company for dates and such..., and here I am, on my own, sitting it out.

Who is better off?


At Wednesday, March 21, 2007 12:03:00 PM, Blogger Toronto21 said...

I guess, you are on the right track. How do we say in German? Quality instead of Quantity.

I think, jumping from one boy-friend to antother is just killing time. People who do that, can`t be allone. And I think, you should be able to be allone to live in a relationship.


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